Customer Care

To help us better assist you, please contact our support team regarding any of the following inquiries:

  • System performance
  • Username/password issues
  • Error messages relating directly to Auto-Graphics' software or services

If you are experiencing any difficulties and require technical support, please feel free to contact us. You can also use our Customer Support Web Portal to see our FAQ, submit inquiries and track support history.

Contact the support team.

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Customer Support Web Portal / Knowledge Base  
The Customer Support Web Portal allows you to see our Knowledge Base and also log in to track your inquiries submitted to our support team.

System Status  
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Remote Support  
Only click remote support when instructed by an AG Support Technician!

Customer Support Survey  
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When attempting to contact us, please include a detailed description of issues or concerns in all inquiries.
When requesting assistance by email, phone, voice mail or Customer Support Web Portal, it is important to include the following information (*Required Fields):

  • Facility Name
  • Library Code
  • Contact Name
  • Phone number (including area code)
  • Detailed description of the current issue including:
    • Product being used
    • Web browser version
    • Module Logged into
    • Function being performed
    • Any Error messages
    • ILL Request numbers
    • Title detail

For inquiries relating to passwords, please also include the following information:

  • Library Code - Always include in all inquiries
  • CAT - Specify Username and Password information
  • PAC Admin - Specify password for verification
  • ILL Admin - Specify Username - Password will be reset to the generic (userpass)
  • Windows based cataloging client - Specify Username - Password will be reset to the generic (password)