Winnipeg Public Library

Winnipeg Public Library

Winnipeg Public Library has 20 locations serving the citizens of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The library offers a variety of services including a broad range of materials and collections, programs, and reference services.


When the Winnipeg Public library decided to move from a manual to an automated cataloging system in the 1970's it sought an efficient and reliable system that would streamline staff workflow and remain relevant and current as the library evolves.


The library purchased A-G Canada's CATSS™ system in the 1970's to provide an efficient automated cataloging solution. When Auto-Graphics, Inc. acquired A-G Canada, Ltd. in 1997, the library's CATSS system was renamed MARCit™. In 2003, MARCit was moved to the new and improved Auto-Graphics Library Services Platform, to further simplify cataloging workflow with an easy-to-use and powerful interface. Winnipeg Public library has now been using A-G Canada's cataloging solution for over twenty-five years.


The MARCit search screen provides convenient access to the union databases maintained by Auto-Graphics, including both databases of records acquired from national agencies such as the Library of Congress, and databases of user-contributed records. The flexible search interface allows the cataloger to search an unlimited number of databases on the search screen simultaneously and to select a record from any of the results sets returned by the search. A brief citation display for each result set assists in the choice of record. The display of a full MARC record provides a number of additional options to further simplify workflow.

When a full MARC record is displayed, the Winnipeg Public Library uses Online Interactive Authority Control to validate all the headings in the bibliographic record against national agency authority records. Copies of the related authority records can be placed in a cart for download. Subsequent to the authority control process, the library opens the record in the AGCat Windows-based MARC Editor to modify the record according to its library's local policies. The bibliographic record is then saved to the cart for download. The library can also post its holding to the MARCit database and can create and contribute original records using the AGCat Editor.

Once catalogers have finished searching for the day, the cart is downloaded and the records in the cart are subsequently loaded into the library's local Integrated Library System. Bibliographic and authority records are downloaded in separate carts. While MARCit provides support for each cataloger to have a unique cart, the Winnipeg Public Library has chosen the option that allows all catalogers to contribute records to the same cart. So, at the end of the day, workflow is further streamlined, as there is only one bibliographic cart and one authority cart to be loaded into the library's Integrated Library System.