Digital Collections
Preserve archival information and share local history

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Auto-Graphics’ Digital Collections is a simple and affordable web-based solution that assists libraries with the creation and display of digital assets. Libraries can easily share their resources by placing these items, which were once limited to internal library viewing only, online for patrons to conveniently search and discover. The solution includes all of the necessary cataloging, search and display software to get started. Use our simple, user-friendly web form for entering collection data, or add our AGCat Editor MARC tool for more extensive cataloging needs.

As a Digital Collections user, you can share your digital assets with your own community, and with our online Member Community.

  • User-friendly web form for entering cataloging metadata
  • Automatic thumbnail generation of image files
  • Solid navigation with web interface
  • User access through your web portal page
  • Real-time contact with other members at the Community’s virtual forum
  • Tips and tools available at the Community’s virtual resource center
  • Searchable Community member collections
  • Globally searchable via Z39.50
  • Flexible display and support for all file types
  • Customization by collection and/or file type
  • Easy import and export functionality for records