Every community, every place, has something unique to share with the world.

MONTAGEdc - The evolution of digital collections management

MONTAGEdc - The evolution of digital collections management - screenshot

Nowhere is this unique expression more evident than through the stories told by your archival collections. Unfortunately, these collections are all too often hidden away in the physical archive of a back room in a set of file cabinets, or locked inside antiquated software which is hard to use and leaves much to be desired in terms of aesthetic quality.

Auto-Graphics believes you should not delay sharing these collections with your community of users and even those outside the local community. We built simple to use tools, which focus your efforts easily allowing you to build new or manage existing collections; and then provide a discovery tool built on today's standards for web delivery. A-G designed MONTAGEdc specifically so you can get this information out and available to everyone. This is why MONTAGEdc is different.

MONTAGEdc is different

MONTAGEdc makes your community’s unique story
more accessible by focusing on five things:
  • Aesthetic Quality
    MONTAGEdc was created by professional designers. It’s sleek, clean, and responsive for mobile devices.
  • Ease of Discovery
    We surveyed the digital collections marketplace, assembled the best discovery tools, and made them available out of the box, no additional integrations or coding required.
  • Ease of Use
    Use a simple Dublin Core-based editor or create your own templates/fields. MONTAGEdc remembers the data you enter and creates type-ahead results for each field, dramatically increasing both the speed of entry and the quality of metadata. You can build great collections within minutes.
  • Affordability
    A-G’s unmatched experience in SaaS technology lets you save all of your data to the cloud at incredibly affordable rates.
  • Overall User Experience
    Regardless of whether you are a staff member, student, researcher, or just curious about the collections, MONTAGEdc makes your digital collections easy and enjoyable to create, search and view, from start to finish.

Other features include:

  • Collaborate with multiple institutions or create individual collection sublevels using 7 levels of hierarchy according to the international ISAD(G) archival standard
  • Create unique landing pages for collections and add searchable metadata on the collection level, not just the record level
  • View images, audio, video and PDF files right from the full record display. Hundreds of MIME types are supported for upload/download
  • Browse or filter results by institution, collections, topics, format, dates and places
  • Turn the display of records on and off for public viewing
  • Provide your users with Wikipedia-like record references directly from your record metadata
MONTAGEdc - The evolution of digital collections management