VERSO® a Powerful Integrated Library System (ILS)

The VERSO® integrated library system (ILS) is designed to help libraries manage their resources while significantly improving patron information discovery and service delivery. VERSO meets the requirements of library systems ranging in size and composition from a single branch library to diverse multi-branch consortia. The system has been developed to seamlessly deliver a range of configuration preferences and to provide localization and centralization options.

VERSO is built on a module structure giving it unparalleled flexibility in terms of packaging and value to the library community. Rather than forcing libraries to fit into rigid system requirements, VERSO can be customized to meet every library's unique needs. VERSO modules include:

Core System Modules

  • Circulation (including offline module)
  • Cataloging (full MARC editor)
  • Faceted Results
  • Local Authority Control
  • Core Administrative Reports and Statistics

User Experience Content & Third Party Options

  • I-tiva Telephone Interface
  • ChiliFresh (User Ranking/ Ratings)
  • Comprise (eCommerce)
  • Content Enrichment - Jacket Art, Book Reviews, TofC OPAC integration, Children's Literature
  • Lib2Home (Homebound services)
  • Active Alerts Current Awareness Service
  • Geolocation IP Authentication Technology
  • Buy, Borrow, Suggest Module
  • Search Specific RSS Feeds

Custom Modules

  • Acquisitions
  • Serials
  • Kids' Catalog User Interface
  • SEARCHit®, Completely Integrated Powerful Federated Search
  • Digital Collections, Complete Digital Collections Management System
  • MARCit™ Cataloging Source (30 million MARC records)
  • Clustered Results
  • Mobile Application Interface

Bibliographic Services

  • MARC Full Authority Control
  • MARC Record Deduplication and amalgamation
  • MARC Record Upgrade Services
  • Custom Bibliographic Processing
  • Non-MARC Record Custom Processing for Pre-ILS Migration
  • Custom Non-MARC Record Services

Standards Modules

  • Z39.50 Client/Server
  • NCIP/SIP2 including Patron Lookup, Self Checkout and PC booking
  • NCIP-compliant Circulation-Interlibrary Loan Link (CILL)
  • ISO 10160/10161 Resource Sharing
  • EDI Compliance
  • API/Web Services